Women can fly too!

9:26 PM Monday, March 7, 2011

On July 20th 2010 when I went to the airport for my introductory flight I hadn't given much thought to how many women pilots there were in the United States (or world). It never even occurred to me that it was still an issue in this modern day. I was raised with the mindset that I could do whatever I wanted and I haven't really given my gender a second thought in anything I have set out to do. Well as my time in aviation has continued I have realized that I am a minority and bias does exist.

The stats show that about 6% of pilots in the United States are women, this boils down to about 45,000 of us. That is not very many. We can all fit in most major sports arenas (which would be awesome)!

Every new airport I land at has at least one skeptic eyeing me precariously as I enter the FBO after securing my plane. At first I thought this was my imagination, but as time has gone on, I realize it is just fact. For some reason a lot of male pilots are still very reluctant to share the air with women. I am a realist and I know that not all women are capable of being pilots, some don't possess the mechanical knowledge or will to learn that mechanical knowledge, but the fact is that if they don't possess that skill the likely hood that they will earn a certificate is pretty slim. So what I say to all those skeptical male pilots out there is that I put in my time and took the same tests that you did and I passed. Gender differences aside, I am just as capable as you.

My challenge to women pilots of the world is to prove that we are strong, capable, safe pilots and to encourage any woman you know that has a dream to fly to pursue that dream. If you encounter prejudice, persevere; if you encounter acceptance, rejoice.


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