Fun Flight - KDVN - KSFY - KDVN

4:32 PM Friday, February 25, 2011

So I woke up this morning and the sun was shining for the first time in like 10 days. I did a quick calculation and figured that I haven't been flying for 20 days and decided that I would take advantage of this nice day!

I worked my butt off this morning so that I could take off some time this afternoon. When 12:00pm rolled around and the sun was still out, the TAF was good, it has me clear until 4pm then overcast at 8000ft, I decided I should go.

I worked up a quick route. I have been trying to land at new/different airports to get some experience in navigation, finding new places and landing in different conditions (smaller runways etc). I found KSFY wasn't too far out, I could fly up the Mississippi which I have been wanting to do and it was a relatively small runway 4000ft x 75ft.

I called up the FBO and they had a plane available at 1:30 so I jumped at the chance. I grabbed my flight bag and headed to the airport.

When I arrived I was super pumped! Then the plane wouldn't start :( Not a new occurrence given the planes are pretty old and it is still nice and cold here in the midwest. This is the first time that I have not been able to get her going at all. Dan (assistant manager) came out and taught me to intentionally flood the plane and start her from a flooded state. His commentary while doing this was very helpful, I once again learned some things about the plane. Anyway it started, he jumped out, and off I went.

I headed to the east and was going to fly around 3500 since KSFY had ceilings predicted around 4000 as the afternoon went on. Well 3500 was hazy and skt so I climbed a bit, still hazy and skt so I dodged some clouds and rode in a bit of turbulence while I took in the scenery. No big deal. I flew over KSFY at 3500 and then flew to the east a bit while I descended down and made some radio calls that I was coming it on 13. This was a pretty cool approach because you come in over the frozen Mississippi, I imagine you might get some interesting up/down drafts sometimes. Landing was decent, I came in a bit high and fast but it was a solid landing. A quick back taxi and I was ready to depart again.

Once I was up the ceiling seemed kinda low so I checked the weather and it was reported at 3200, I hung out at 2500 and flew to the south west, I was out of the weather in a few minutes and I climbed up to 4500 for the rest of the trip to davenport. Davenport had a busy pattern, 3 planes plus me. I jumped in the downwind for 33 when I saw an opening and made a touch and go, I was high and fast again (damn it) but it was another solid landing. I made one more trip around the pattern to try and get the high and fast thing taken care of. My final landing was a bit off the center line but it was a good one and I was finally on the glide slope.

Glad I went out and knocked some rust off. Got in 1.3hrs and I can't wait to go again!

Fly the Plane

1:39 PM Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This is hilarious I couldn't resist reposting. I admit I have an iPad and it is amazing, but always remember to fly the plane!!

No Joy

12:24 PM Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well it appears that the weather has once again foiled my plans. I had been planning to take the hubby up for a ride today (I have been watching the weather for a week hoping it would work out). Well it appears it isn't going to happen.

Current METAR: KDVN 221752Z AUTO 06004KT 7SM OVC012 M03/M06 A3022 RMK AO2 SLP244 T10281061 11022 21039 51021

Although I could take him up for some pattern work that wouldn't be a fun first ride, so I guess it is postponed once again. Someday I will get to take up a passenger.

On another note, my official license came in the mail today! How awesome is that?!

It's Official

12:33 PM Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So I checked the FAA airmen database today and my status officially updated from student pilot to private pilot single engine land. Woo Hoo baby, I am a pilot!

This weeks weather looks pretty crappy. Probably decent enough VFR but I want to take the hubby for a ride on a nice day so he has a good first experience. Hopefully next week. Cross your fingers for good weather on Tuesday, because I am growing impatient.

So I haven't gotten to fly lately, so I thought I would entertain you with this video I found from the Day I was at Clow International, February 5, 2011. I flew in there on my first Cross Country as a private pilot, you can read that story here. I always give credit when I steal a video because then I feel like it isn't stolen anymore, thanks Skip Talbot,

Name Change

1:59 PM Thursday, February 10, 2011

Since I am no longer a student pilot I thought it was time to change the name of the blog. Instead of "Getting a Private Pilots License" I have changed it to "My Aviators - A woman pilots journey as a general aviatrix". It's kind of long. I may need to work on that, suggestions are welcome.

Also, I got the final bill for my flying lessons a few weeks ago, I decided I had to bite the bullet and open it this week. Looks like I am grounded for a while while I rebuild the savings account. I am hoping to get up a couple times a month throughout the end of winter and spring. Then when summer comes I hope to have the money to do my taildragger training!! I was going to do it in the next couple of months, but I don't think it is feasible right now :(

I can't wait to get back in the air! Maybe next Friday :)

I finally got to take my first flight as a Private Pilot on Saturday February 5, 2011. I had a bridal shower in Naperville, IL so I figured if the weather was nice it would be a perfect chance to take a quick flight, get some cross country time and pilot in command time.

I took off about 11:30am after a quick pre-flight and visit from the fuel truck. I hadn't flown since my test (about 17 days) which is the longest I had gone without flying since I started training. So to shake a few cobwebs I took a trip around the pattern to make sure I still knew how to land. Good news, I did!

I departed the area to the east and headed for bolingbrook, IL, Clow International Airport. This was also my first chance to use my iPad with Foreflight. I had charted my course via paper sectional and in the foreflight program and came up with the same headings, and almost the exact same times and fuel burns which had me pretty impressed with both myself and the foreflight program. I planned to fly east to the Joliet VOR and head into Clow International via the 041 radial. That plan went flawlessly! I hit the VOR and turned toward clow and descended to avoid the Class Bravo airspace around O'Hare. I came in on runway 18, which is the smallest runway I have landed on to date. Yay! First flight was successful and I really enjoyed it despite being a bit anxious, which I think if I am ever not a bit anxious it might be time to give up flying :)

I went to the bridal shower, which was, well, a bridal shower. Then I headed back to the airport. I opened the door to the plane and my heart sank. I pulled the newest of newbie moves and left the master switch on, I could still hear the gyros running. I quickly flipped it off and hoped I had enough battery left to start the plane. I did a preflight and hopped in hoping it would start. Of course it didn't. So I had the nice guys at Bolingbrook jump it. Despite feeling stupid, no harm done and not the worst mistake I could have made.

After the jump I sat a couple minutes to make sure I was getting a good charge from the alternator and all was well. So I headed out.

I departed to the west, staying under Class Bravo airspace until I was a few miles to the west. I headed up to 4500feet and enjoyed the view. It was a bit hazy on the ground but the sunset on the way home was beautiful! It was truly a reminder why I love to fly. No where on the ground could you get the same effect as you do in the sky at sunset. My only regret is not having a decent camera with me to catch the moment.

I landed back in Davenport right about 6pm, my first night landing in a while. It was a good one and I happily taxied back to the ramp and gathered my stuff. All in all it was a successful flight and I learned a very valuable lesson. I am looking forward to the day where I don't end my post saying that, but I plan to learn forever, I just hope my lessons stop making me feel like a noob at some point.

Below is a picture my sis-in-law snapped before I headed home.

Also, I would like to note that next time I will just have them plug the plane in and charge it that way for about an hour. The jump isn't worth the hassle or potential problems. Just consider it another lesson learned.

No Flying for me :(

3:25 PM Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So I have mentioned it before, but it is very apparent these past few weeks that living in the midwest can put a damper on flying activities. I have been trying to take my husband up for a ride since the day I got my license. Although we had a couple of decent days scattered in the past two weeks they weren't at times in which we could go. And then yesterday a nice blizzard dropped 16" of snow on our doorstep and closed most of the airports in the vicinity and they have yet to reopen.

I am anxiously watching the weather and hoping that Saturday stays clear. Although my husband won't be around to take a flight with me, I am hoping to take a cross country to Bolingbrook, IL for a bridal shower. It seems almost too perfect. The shower is only 4 miles from the airport. The airport is one I haven't been to and I want some practice on different and smaller runways. The weather is looking good. I am really crossing my fingers that I can make this happen. With all the airports closed I can't get a plane booked or any information on parking/landing fees though. Hopefully I can make some progress on this tomorrow.