Proposed Flight - KDVN to KUIN

1:03 PM Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello my name is Beth and I am an addict. It has been 17 days since my last flight. I can't wait to go flying tomorrow. The weather looks beautiful, 50 degrees and sunny with winds 5-10kts. I am planning on flying from Davenport Iowa (KDVN) to Quincy Illinois (KUIN). All of my flights these days have learning goals involved because I am still pretty new at this and I want to be great at it someday. So tomorrow my goals are:

  • Transition through QC airspace for ATC practice

  • Pick up Flight Following for additional ATC practice

  • Land at a new airport (KUIN)

  • Do a couple touch and goes and really concentrate on my rudder usage

  • Concentrate on in air rudder use (coordination) at all times

I am pretty comfortable with those goals for this flight. Looks like it will be about 2 hours of flight time, probably a bit more with run-up and taxi. I will post how I did on the goals later this weekend, and hopefully I will have some pictures. Route image is below.


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