Wednesday rolled around this week and it marked the end of my two week hiatus from flying. All my tests check out so my medical is officially valid again! So I called up my instructor and scheduled my 60 day currency check (that I was informed I needed to do last time I rented the plane) for this morning. When I talked to him, he didn't think I needed to do a 60 day check as long as I had flown in the past 60 days, which I have. But we scheduled it anyway. Then last night he called and said that he looked up the policies and I did not need to fly. Yay, that is awesome, although I was looking forward to flying with Tim again I didn't want to pay him :)

So long story short, no currency check, valid medical and sad Beth because the weather is beautiful (KDVN 291452Z AUTO 17007KT 10SM CLR 10/02 A3004 RMK AO2 SLP174) and I chose to be responsible and work today instead of flying just because I can.

This is the best example of somebody trying to promote general aviation that I have seen in a while. I wish more companies would do things like this. All you have to do is submit a photo that displays your passion for aviation and you could win a sponsorship to earn your pilots license. I saw a few great photos so far but I feel like there could be some better ones. Sign up at the link below and be sure to give props to Breitling for trying to help out the general aviation world.

Holy Winds, Batman

11:44 AM Friday, April 15, 2011

Still grounded for medicine changes. But as it turns out I wouldn't want to be up the past couple of days anyway.

KDVN 151552Z AUTO 08029G36KT 10SM FEW080 09/00 A2967 RMK AO2 PK WND 08040/1541 PRESFR SLP048 T00890000

That translates to winds from 080 degrees at 29kts gusting to 36kts with peak winds at 080 at 40kts.

Not something I want to go flying in with a little piper cherokee. It might not be so bad if the wind were blowing down the runway but it is not. Closest alignment is 03 giving a 50 degree crosswind component = 25kts. The forcast has it being windy for the next few days, which I am fine with, get it out of your system while I can't go flying :)

Touch and Goes at KDVN

10:48 AM Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Location: KDVN Local
Weather: KDVN 121352Z AUTO 10007KT 10SM CLR 09/03 A3012 RMK AO2 SLP201 T00890033
Runway in Use: 03

Today was an excellent day. I really wanted to practice some touch and goes since I haven't been feeling very good about my landings lately. The wind was pretty calm and continued to get more calm throughout my half hour in the air. When I took off the awos had 080@08 so I choose to take runway 03. My first circut was kind of blah and not very rectangular, but it was a good landing and I settled in for an awesome second landing, followed by about 4 more that I am decently proud of. One of them was a bit flat, but all of them were good.

I am pleased with my landings and my crosswind correction now. I realized sometime over the last week what was wrong with my landings last time I was up, I wasn't looking down the runway, I was looking closer in. Which is a habit I had in the beginning of my flight training. Today I made sure I was conscious of where I was looking on final and it helped a lot. Next time up I want to work on holding my airspeeds on approach, I was kind of all over the place between 85kts and 70kts and I want to be more consistent at holding those.

When I paid today they informed me that I needed to do a 60 day check with an instructor, which sucks, because I didn't know I had to do one every 60 days. Oh well. It will just be another chance to learn some things from someone who has a lot more experience than I do.

On a not so awesome note, I am grounded for 2 weeks. I need to change up some of my meds and one of the conditions of my 3rd class medical is that I stay on the ground until my tests show that I am stable and don't have any side effects from them. So I guess that means I will be day dreaming about flying for the next 2 weeks.

Duration of Flight: 0.6
Total Flight Hours: 86.5

ForeFlight HD Review

5:51 PM Monday, April 4, 2011

My review made the ForeFlight testimonial page :)