10:40 AM Thursday, August 19, 2010

So, yesterday things finally clicked into place for me. The winds were fairly calm and mostly at a headwind for landing which gave me the first chance at a non-crosswind landing in a while. I got a couple of really decent landings! I am super excited! I was getting pretty discouraged that I wasn't getting a smooth transition from decent to landing attitude, but now I am pumped because it is all coming together. Which is great because I think Tim is getting bored going in circles all day :)

Tim also covered up all of my instruments yesterday (he let me keep my airspeed indicator). This was actually very helpful for me. I tend to want to get everything perfect and in my mind the instruments tell me when it is perfect so I look at them a lot. What the cover-up experiment taught me is that I am a better pilot when I am not looking at them and my instincts are pretty good as to pitch, altitude and bank.

I am disappointed because my lesson got cancelled this morning. I was ready to get a few more landings in. Oh, well, hopefully we can go up later today or tomorrow.

Total Flight Time: 14.5 hrs


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