I haven't written for a few days, but I have been flying a lot. Since I last wrote 10 days ago I have been up 5 times and will go again today if the rain passes.

We have mainly been working on landings. Obviously this is an important part of flying a plane and I am not sure why I can't seem to get it right consistently. I have landed a couple of pretty good landings, but I have also had a quite a few not so good landings. My approach is getting better every time. I have been able to get a pretty good stabilized approach in most of my recent landings. However, when it comes time to flare I am either to fast or too slow. Today my goal is to do two really good landings before we quit.

We have also really been working on slow flight recently. I actually kind of like slow flight, it gives you the sensation of floating, especially on a windy day. In the plane I am training in (Piper Cherokee 140) slow flight is maintaining an airspeed of 50kts and cruising around. I am not sure what I find so interesting about slow flight, but it is probably one of my favorite maneuvers to do at this point.

I am also liking steep turns (banks of 45 degrees). I actually have trouble sticking to the no more than 30 degree bank rule on most days. After talking to my dad this week I realized why. Most of my flying time was riding behind him in his airplane. He says that he almost always banks at higher than 30 degrees bank (granted his plane is an aerobatic plane) but this would explain why 30 degrees seems so small to me, and 45 seems much more fun :)

Keep those fingers crossed for no rain, I wanna go flying this afternoon.


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