5:34 PM Monday, August 2, 2010

Today, I struggled. Today, I felt uncomfortable behind the yoke. Today, I was discouraged. I still love flying, but today had me questioning whether or not I should be flying. As the adage goes, if you fall off the horse get back on and keep riding, so I go back up at 0700 tomorrow.

Today, we did do some ground maneuvers which went ok. Turns around a point and s-turns. The object of turns around a point is to keep equidistant from the point on all sides of a 360 degree turn. The wind wasn't too bad today, but I did not keep equidistant from it very well. It was my first try and the science makes sense to me, but the execution is lacking. S-turns, I felt, went pretty well. The object of the s-turn is to keep two 180 degree turns with an equal radius. Wings are level each time you cross your reference road (a road running perpendicular to the wind). I think I got this one pretty well. It wasn't perfect, but for a first try I almost made the turn both times.

We did a bit more foggles work, boo foggles. I don't feel like that went well at all today. I was having a lot of trouble holding headings and altitude. My mind was all over the place. I need to work on concentrating on the tasks at hand during each stage of flight instead of trying to be ahead to the next step.

I do feel like landings went better today. We only did two, but on the second one I felt I almost had it. I might see if we can spend a day working on just landings in the near future because that seems to be where my mental hang-up is. I guess I feel that if I can't land the plane, then, I probably shouldn't be learning to fly the plane.

Hours logged today 1.1 (.2 ifr)
Total hours logged 5.1


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