A lot of things happened during my lesson today! We did some review of somethings, we did instrument training, and we did an emergency landing (almost).

During review Tim asked me to do a power off stall. I realized that I had learned how to get out of a stall, but I did not study how to cause the stall. So that got me a little off my game to start. But no worries there, getting out of the stall is no problem.

Next we did steep turns, 45 degree angle of bank, these were actually a lot of fun for me! I was pretty decent at it for my first try, so I hope we do a lot more of these.

We also did some instrument training. Tim handed me some super sexy glasses called foggles. They prevent me from looking out of the airplane and only allow me to look at the instruments. The actual training wasn't too bad, but I did not enjoy that my view was taken away. I love flying for the ability to see everywhere and enjoy it. I also felt a bit awkward but oh well.

Next up, Tim shut down my throttle, and my reaction was WTF, well not really I knew it was coming today. In the future I imagine, I will probably have a WTF reaction. So with no engine, I needed to make a emergency landing in a field somewhere. Luckily we live in the midwest and there are plenty to choose from. We are having some flooding though, so my choices were a bit limited. So I chose a field, and headed for it. Then I freaked a bit, I think Tim did most of the flying here, but I am not sure, like I said I was a bit freaked. So it appears that I could have landed there if I wanted to (which I didn't) so we were free to go-around. Woohoo, I can use the power again, no more plummeting to my death.

We landed, check listed and taxied back to the FBO. Once we arrived at the FBO I admitted that the emergency landing had me a bit freaked. Tim was not surprised by this (thankfully) and agreed to work on it some more with me during the next lesson.

It appears I am about ready to take the Stage I exam. I guess that is my weekend plan.

Hours logged today .9 (IFR .2)
Total Hours logged 4


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