More Stalls, slow flight and fog

10:55 AM Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This morning I was scheduled to go out at 7am. At about 6am Tim let me know that visibility was too low and we wouldn't be able to fly. I was heartbroken, I was really looking forward to it. Well by 6:45 it was clearing out and he still has some time, so I headed to the airport. The ride there was pretty yucky looking so I wasn't sure I was going to get to go up, but low and behold about 3 miles from the airport it was sunny and beautiful.

We did all the pre-flight stuff and soon we were in the air. Today was awe inspiring to say the least. The sun was glinting off the bit of fog that remained in the air and I was reminded of how lucky I am to be learning to do something that makes me so happy.

We climbed up and did some work on stalls. We started with the Power-off stall which we had done once before. It seemed scarier today for some reason, I guess because I feel more comfortable in the airplane and I am able to think more about what is going on around me. I think I over thought it as we were setting up because I felt my heart rate skyrocket. Of course everything went fine. We did a couple of power-on stalls as well. Today was the first day for those and they were interesting. Not a big deal to do or pull out of, but definitely something I need some more practice on.

We also worked on slow flight. Which is flying the airplane at its minimum sustainable airspeed, in this airplane it is 50kts. By using pitch for airspeed and power for altitude, you need to maintain the airspeed for 50kts and the altitude of 2500 MSL. I was not so good at keeping it to 50kts, I wanted to pick up speed because we felt like we were going to fall out of the sky (granted I know that doesn't happen).

I am hoping to go up again tomorrow at 7:30am. We are working on emergency landings, that should be interesting to say the least.

Hours logged today: 1.1
Total hours logged: 3.1


  1. i literally get shaky just READING your blog.

    Eric Olsen

  2. LOL, I didn't know anyone was reading this yet.

    You think you are shaky now, wait til I make you go for a ride with me.


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