So after a weekend of hoping (aka: praying and begging) for good weather so I could take my brother up for a ride, Monday comes along and rubs its lovely weather in my face. Saturday was rainy with ceilings never getting much higher than 1200ft. Sunday cleared up nicely at the end of the day but my Brother was only available in the morning so we didn't get to go. Then Monday comes along and we all go back to work and stare out the window at CAVU skies and winds straight down the runway 030 at 12kts. Ugh, life is cruel! There are little yellow sunshine shapes (I think that is what those are, I haven't seen sunshine forever) on everyday of the forecast this week, and although my Brother is out of town, I may have to hit up the airport if I manage to get my work done :)


  1. D'oh! We'll find a day eventually.


  2. I know we will :)


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