2:06 PM Friday, May 6, 2011

Location: KDVN - KPVB - KDVN
Weather: KDVN 061452Z AUTO 29012KT 10SM CLR 17/04 A2991 RMK AO2 SLP130 T01720039 58004
Runway in Use: 33

It had been a while since I had gotten to fly (24 days to be exact but who's counting) so I had been watching the weather all week and today looked like a beautiful day to go. I had originally planned to meet my aunt for lunch up in Platteville, but I got buried in work and decided I should be responsible and get my butt back here and make some money so it was just a quick flight there and back.

I had my wheels up at davenport about 10:30 this morning. The AWOS was reporting 280@12G19 on take-off. That had me a bit concerned because although I could handle that no problem on take-off it was pushing my comfort zone for landing. I evaluated the situation and decided I could handle the landing if the winds were still at that level when I returned.

The flight up to Platteville (KPVB) was uneventful. It was pretty bumpy, visually evident by the clouds that were quickly forming. I had some traffic to contend with around Dubuque (KDBQ) which had me wishing that I had called for flight following, but I didn't feel that I was in the air long enough to make it worth the effort. The AWOS was NOTAM'ed out of service for KPVB but I was hoping it was back up, it wasn't so I overflew the field at 3500 to check out the windsock. It was straight out and probably about 280-290 (looked it up when I got home and it said 280@12G20). I descended and called for left downwind entry for 25. The set-up was good and the bumps held up long enough for me to make a decent stabilized approach. I had a very good landing that I was proud of. Then as I am back taxing someone calls asks me for a 5 count in platteville. I waited to see if maybe they were talking to unicom because I didn't know what that meant. Then when no one answered I asked him to clarify and he said how do you read. I said loud and clear, felt like kind of an idiot but whatever. I guess I can put that one in my book for next time.

Take-off was smooth and I made a left turnout to head south. Climbed to 4500 feet, leaned and trimmed, I skirted DBQ airspace and then headed for home. I spent the next 40 minutes bouncing around but of course I loved every second of it.

I came back into davenport and crossed mid field for left downwind on 21. The AWOS was reading 260@12G20. I wanted a bit of extra speed for the gusts but I came in a bit too high so my landing was a bit long and not my best but it was decent none the less.

I exited on Bravo and Mike was outside to park me (another first) and I managed to do alright.

Although today was not my favorite flight, the bumpiness kind of takes a bit away from the magic, I did enjoy it a lot. I got back in the air. I got to see a bit of different Terrain, I landed at a new airport in a new state. Overall a very good time.

Duration of Flight: 1.6
Total Flight Hours: 88.1
Log book entry


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