2nd Solo Cross Country

1:36 PM Friday, October 29, 2010

Today was my second solo cross country. I was really itching to go flying today since it has been over a week since I had been up. I had all my planning done and my course mapped out. I met with Tim quickly so he could sign-off on everything then I headed out to pre-flight.

Oh my goodness it was cold today. The maintenance guys had the plane plugged in, which I was thankful for. I hopped in and did flipped her master switch, I see that I don't have much fuel, so I will have to get her filled before I leave. I do the rest of my pre-flight without issue. Maintenance pulls the plane out of the hanger and I ask him to fill her up. Now I am gassed up, preflighted and ready to go. Yay! Weather has me on either 33 or 21 (wind sock says calm which is 15) I pick 33 since it will put me pretty close the heading I want to fly anyway.

Take-off is smooth and I am thankful for the smooth air after last weeks bumpy ride. Level at 1700ft while I cruise under QC airspace then climb for 4500ft and settle in for my ride to CR. Tim said that I could do a touch and go at CR, which is great because it will save me quite a bit of time (and money). I am originally cleared for a right base for 31, and later changed to a straight in for 27. I make an excellent landing and take back off. Eventually I am cleared to turn course for burlington. I am advised of traffic (which I never see, I think they were several thousand feet below me).

I am well on my way to burlington and I am seeing all my checkpoints, I am right on course. Then I do something stupid (I guess I have one of these moments every flight) I second guess my position. I turn and head to the town I just passed to check out the name on the water tower to see if I am right, it was Wappollo Iowa, I am exactly where I thought I was, oh well, I get back on course and head into burlington. Weather says they winds are calm, so I head for calm wind runway 36. I enter a left downwind as someone is radioing burlington traffic for 18 (which is same runway as me, opposite direction). He is a ways out and I let him know that I will make a full stop so he can land on 18. I wanted to reset my dg on the runway anyway, so it worked out ok.

I have a good landing, and a good take-off (after the other plane lands of course) and I am headed back to Davenport. I am diligent about keeping track of where I am on the map this time and it goes very well. I radio Quad Cities that I will be passing through. I am cleared and head for davenport.

Davenport landing is just as good as the rest of them today. Again I have traffic around but I extend my downwind and let him land before heading in. Park it, breath, gather my stuff, breath, go in and pay for my excursion. Today I am proud, I had good landings, I navigated well (and learned I don't need to second guess myself) and made it to a new airport and back in one piece. I feel like I could conquer the world today, but I might settle for a nap :)

Hours today: 2.6
Total Hours: 46.1


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