Night Flying

9:51 AM Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Last night I went on my first night flight ever. It was amazing. When we first took off, the air was so smooth, it was so quiet and peaceful, I was in awe. Tim had asked me to climb to 2500 ft and as we were climbing I mentioned that I had never been up at night and how amazing it was. He was like, well, if you have never been up at night lets climb a bit higher, so we climbed to 3000 ft. It felt like heaven. I could have stayed up there until sunrise.

Well enough fun, time for work. We did some stalls and steep turns. Not too much different from daytime other than I didn't have road visuals to tell me if I was on heading, so it was a lot more instruments to reference. I did alright on those things.

Next up landings. Not gonna lie, I was slightly apprehensive about these. I had one really good landing and 5 kind of drop ins, and one simulated engine out that was nothing to write home about. I had really wanted it to go better but I will take it for my first time ever being up at night.

Well it sounds like next up is a "trip" to Moline for some Air Traffic Control Work. Then our first cross country which sounds like it will be Davenport (KDVN) to Cedar Rapids (CID) to Dubuque (DBQ) then back to Davenport. I am super excited to "depart the area".


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