My First Flight Lesson

4:00 PM Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today, I went up for lesson number one. After my intro flight yesterday I couldn't wait to get back in the air. We did some overview of the lessons I read overnight (all 180 pgs of them) and then we discussed how the runways were laid out and how the wind affects which runway we take.

Next we did an extensive pre-flight. Going over everything in detail and why we go over each part. All of that made perfect sense. Next we got in and went over the start-up procedures (while sweating buckets, it was 100 degrees in the parking area). With the start up procedure finished, we listened to the weather and picked our runway (03).

After taxing, we did a quick runup, with all systems go we back taxied and lined up for take off. Full throttle, 60knts and a pull back on the yoke and we were flying, climbing t0 1200 ft at around 75knts. We did some "straight and level" (if you can call it that) flying and worked on some turns. I have a tendency to bank too steep, but I am working on it.

After a while, Tim said, take her up to 2500 feet and do a clearing turn. So I took her up and did two 90 degree turns to ensure I was clear. Then he said we are going to practice a stall. WHAT!?!?! "Tim, you do remember this is my first lesson right?" He said I would be fine so I prepared to stall the plane. Tim took the controls and walked me through the steps and showed me how to react at each step. It all went very quickly. But he brought down the throttle, put down the first step of flaps. As our airspeed slowed he put down the second step of flaps. And then the third. As the stall alarm is going off, inside I am panicking, but outside I am trying to pay attention to what he says. The controls get sloppy and over goes the nose, I am tempted to throw my hands up and scream like a roller coaster, but I know that isn't the correct reaction as we are plummeting for the ground. Pull back, throttle to full, flaps up, climb to 2600 ft, fuel pump off. Yay, we didn't die! Now Tim gives the controls back and says make it happen. Oh, well, then, this should be fun.

So I survived the stall, I am happy to say. Next up, as if that wasn't enough excitement. Time for some touch and go's. Three landings later. I am not entirely ready to quit for the day, but my time is up. A quick taxi back to the parking area and a post flight check and shutdown and we are good to go.

Friday = I might have to land by myself, eek!


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