Touch and Goes at KDVN

10:48 AM Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Location: KDVN Local
Weather: KDVN 121352Z AUTO 10007KT 10SM CLR 09/03 A3012 RMK AO2 SLP201 T00890033
Runway in Use: 03

Today was an excellent day. I really wanted to practice some touch and goes since I haven't been feeling very good about my landings lately. The wind was pretty calm and continued to get more calm throughout my half hour in the air. When I took off the awos had 080@08 so I choose to take runway 03. My first circut was kind of blah and not very rectangular, but it was a good landing and I settled in for an awesome second landing, followed by about 4 more that I am decently proud of. One of them was a bit flat, but all of them were good.

I am pleased with my landings and my crosswind correction now. I realized sometime over the last week what was wrong with my landings last time I was up, I wasn't looking down the runway, I was looking closer in. Which is a habit I had in the beginning of my flight training. Today I made sure I was conscious of where I was looking on final and it helped a lot. Next time up I want to work on holding my airspeeds on approach, I was kind of all over the place between 85kts and 70kts and I want to be more consistent at holding those.

When I paid today they informed me that I needed to do a 60 day check with an instructor, which sucks, because I didn't know I had to do one every 60 days. Oh well. It will just be another chance to learn some things from someone who has a lot more experience than I do.

On a not so awesome note, I am grounded for 2 weeks. I need to change up some of my meds and one of the conditions of my 3rd class medical is that I stay on the ground until my tests show that I am stable and don't have any side effects from them. So I guess that means I will be day dreaming about flying for the next 2 weeks.

Duration of Flight: 0.6
Total Flight Hours: 86.5


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