No Flying for me :(

3:25 PM Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So I have mentioned it before, but it is very apparent these past few weeks that living in the midwest can put a damper on flying activities. I have been trying to take my husband up for a ride since the day I got my license. Although we had a couple of decent days scattered in the past two weeks they weren't at times in which we could go. And then yesterday a nice blizzard dropped 16" of snow on our doorstep and closed most of the airports in the vicinity and they have yet to reopen.

I am anxiously watching the weather and hoping that Saturday stays clear. Although my husband won't be around to take a flight with me, I am hoping to take a cross country to Bolingbrook, IL for a bridal shower. It seems almost too perfect. The shower is only 4 miles from the airport. The airport is one I haven't been to and I want some practice on different and smaller runways. The weather is looking good. I am really crossing my fingers that I can make this happen. With all the airports closed I can't get a plane booked or any information on parking/landing fees though. Hopefully I can make some progress on this tomorrow.


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