Short Field Landings

4:13 PM Monday, November 8, 2010

Ughhh. That is all. Ughhh. Ok I have a bit more to say. I hate short field landings. Everything about them feels wrong to me. I don't want to come in high. I don't want to descend steeper. I certainly don't want to do it all slower. Grrr. So in case you can't tell, I suck at these. I was so angry today that I didn't get at least one good one. I just kept thumping the plane in. I know that the short field landing is going to be a bit harder than a normal landing but I want it to be a bit gentler than what I was getting today.

Everything about the short field landing feels wrong to me. Which means that it is very hard for me to make the landing when I want to fix the fact that I am high, slow, and descending at a faster rate. I need practice with them to let my brain adjust and understand that it is ok. So this is something we will work on more.

Next up, apparently taking my written test. I think I am ready for it, but I am still nervous about it. I need to take a couple of the stage exams before I can take the written so I am taking those in the morning. Then everyone will sign-off and I will take my written. I am sure it will be fine, I just need to take my time and read everything thoroughly.

Wish me luck!!